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Toward Leadership 2.0: The Banff Centre takes its next leap forward
by Elisa Birnbaum
on March 26, 2014



This month the Alberta Government announced an allocation of $70 million in support of The Peter Lougheed Leadership Initiative, $35 million of which will support the creation of the Peter Lougheed Leadership Institute at the Banff Centre.


The new project is reflective of a newfound focus, spearheaded, in part, by its relatively new president and visionary, Jeff Melanson. No question, it's exciting times for the Centre, a phenomenal and most unique place.

Calgary’s Arts Authority: collaboration and considerations for social entrepreneurs
by Elisha Kittson
on September 26, 2013


Image courtesy of hin255/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Listen. Hard. Because multi-collaboration projects require an appreciation for the language and systems of stakeholders. According to Terry Rock, past president and founder of Calgary Arts Development (CADA) some of us are rooted enough in curiosity to initiate important cross-sector conversations.

“You have to be willing to push the boundaries of structure to address opportunities,” says Rock.

Transformational Companies: CBSR designs framework for impact
by Jelena Djurkic
on September 02, 2013

Canadian Business for Social ResponsibilityIt's no secret that companies today operate in a global business environment. Supply chains span across international borders, foreign markets influence domestic prices and business deals are made over Skype.


Worldwide trends like population growth, dwindling natural resources and climate change are set to impact every business unless sustainability itself becomes a global priority. For countries operating within natural resource-centric economies such as Canada, there's even more to worry about. In other words, money does literally grow on trees—if we cut them all down, everybody will lose.


Companies who not only recognize these risks, but aim to do something about them, can help transform the very industries and business models that they operate within.

SunDrum inspires creative change among youth
on June 02, 2013

SunDrum Economy

SunDrum Economy tells the story of the economy our ancestors built and the one many people are now striving to forge, balancing respect for nature and our current needs with the interests of future generations.

Kim Smiley and beauty for the public good
by Nicole Zummach
on June 02, 2013

Photo by Jeremy Ladner

Artist and social entrepreneur, Kim Smiley recently sat down with SEE Change Magazine to discuss Sapphô, her line of wearable art pieces, and its social mission. As a social enterprise, Sapphô creates employment opportunities for marginalized populations in Toronto, encouraging women toward self-sufficiency by empowering them with training, Canadian work experience and a living wage.


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