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Enjoying the Food of the Gods with Slow Food Chocolate-Maker, ChocoSol
by Elisa Birnbaum
on July 07, 2014

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SEE Change's video series profiling social entrepreneurs effecting change continues with a visit to ChocoSol Traders, a learning community/social enterprise that makes sustainable, artisanal chocolate using innovative, alternative technologies



Watch. Learn. Enjoy.

Following in Coca Cola's Footsteps
by Elisa Birnbaum
on July 06, 2014



How is one organization using innovation and Coca Cola's distribution channels to tackle health issues in the developing world?


Practical Tips for Failing Well
The Blog
by Ashley Good
on July 02, 2014

ashley good headshot


One of the skills most frequently overlooked is the skill of failing well. It's time to change that as our competitive and complex environments increasingly require us to transform our failures into learning and needed change.


Pay for Success: Moving from Concept to Reality in California
The Blog
by Jessica LaBarbera
on June 30, 2014

karma tree

Over the past few years, we’ve seen “Pay for Success” evolve from a buzz-word (with a sky-high word to action ratio!) to a concept that is being explored and implemented across the country.


Young Social Entrepreneurs Work to Transform Glasgow's City Streets
The Blog
by Karen McGregor
on June 22, 2014

Beyond Finish Line logo

Beyond the Finish Line is a vibrant project based in Scotland’s biggest city – Glasgow.  It challenges creative young people to come up with innovative responses to challenges identified by local residents, giving new life to empty spaces around Glasgow.

Building a Healthy Container for Your Vision
The Blog
by Dr. Peter Mortifee
on June 15, 2014

organization structure, credit Photokanok @digitalphotos.net

You’re ignited by your vision, and you feel a deep urge to make it happen. Perhaps you’re already making it happen, and you’re busy managing the manifestation of your dreams.

But have you created a “container” that will serve your vision well? It’s just as important to consider the health and well-being of your own program and organization, as you strive to support the health and well-being of others.

Love and Money: Harnessing Finance to Serve the Disruptive - and the World
The Blog
by Donna Morton
on June 15, 2014

tree with heart roots - credit: Archipoch @freedigitalphotos.net

Donna Morton explains how a stint with the Unreasonable Institute inspired a new paradigm for finance - one that meets the needs of all social entrepreneurs


Poverty is Changing - Shouldn't We?
The Blog
by Pamela Hawley
on June 11, 2014

Man climing ladder, credit: renjith krishnan, freedigitalphotos.net


We have some positive, revelatory news on poverty which can aid our community, helping us become more sensitive in how we give.


Helping is not just about giving money—it's also about training a future workforce within a community. We feel good when we donate, but we also feel good when we are productive, give of our talents and have a calling. We need to afford that opportunity to everyone.

Supporting Homebuilding and Fighting Poverty with ReStore
by Elisa Birnbaum
on June 02, 2014

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SEE Change's video series profiling social entrepreneurs effecting change continues with a visit to Habitat for Humanity's ReStore, unique retail outlets that support homebuilding efforts in Toronto



Watch. Learn. Enjoy.

Turning Investment into Opportunity: why microfinance and impact investing matter
by Mariam Dao Gabala
on June 01, 2014


cocovico, credit: oikocredit


Mariam Dao Gabala, thought leader on microfinance and impact investing in developing nations, took time out of her busy cross-Canada speaking tour to pen this op-ed for SEE Change on the role these financing strategies play in empowering women around the world.

Why the Future of Social Change May Depend on Networks
by Kimberley Jutze
on May 29, 2014


Like many entrepreneurs I’m cautious when it comes to taking risks, which means I don’t make a habit of predicting the future.


However, I’m going to go out on a limb and state what I believe is the future of social enterprise based on my experience and identified trends: As the field grows and matures we will see a shift from social enterprises working individually and through one-off partnerships to innovate solutions to large-scale social and environmental challenges to strategically spreading the adoption of proven approaches through networks.


Pay 2 Play: Democracy's High Stakes
by Holly Mosher
on May 25, 2014

Pay 2 Play poster


Award-winning, "socially conscious" filmmaker Holly Mosher, shares the inspiration behind her new film that examines the darker side of American politics, the influence of money and the "crisis in democracy".


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