The Power of Community: Social entrepreneurs are finding impact through engagement

Social enterprises are seeing their impact multiplied by community buy-in and engagement, says Elisa Birnbaum in her new book

How Social Entrepreneurs are Tackling the Criminal Justice System

Elisa Birnbaum argues that social entrepreneurs are effecting real change in the criminal justice system

Fight of Their Lives: Environmental champions battle to save their communities

We review two documentaries that profile changemakers fighting for justice in the face of greed, politics and the bottom line

In Praise of Kindness and Other Lessons From Mister Rogers

In a review of a new documentary on Mister Rogers and his PBS program, Elisa Birnbaum looks back on the man who epitomized kindness and his impact on children and adults alike

Cooking Class Empowers Refugees: Jess Thompson of Migrateful

How one UK-based social entrepreneur is helping refugees through the universal love of food and a home-cooked meal

Empowering Syria’s Internally Displaced Refugee Women

How one woman is helping Syrian refugee women earn a living by creating handmade jewelry and accessories that are sold worldwide.


SEE Change publisher & editor Elisa Birnbaum releases a new book highlighting social entrepreneurs.


In the Business of Change profiles social entrepreneurs who are tackling social and environmental challenges in their communities and across the globe. Learn More

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History of Social Change

History of Social Change

Want to learn about the changemakers who played key roles in effecting social change in Canada?

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