Here at TechChange, along with providing technology training for social change, we are constantly bringing words and numbers to life through animations. The recent surge of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) in international development has caught the attention of many social change and international organizations but the data-intensive nature of M&E can be intimidating and difficult to digest.

In July, DME for Peace got in touch with TechChange to help tell the story about the challenges in peacebuilding evaluation. DME for Peace (Design, Monitoring & Evaluation for Peace) is a project of Search for Common Ground (SFCG) that serves as a network of peacebuilding practitioners, evaluators, and academics. As a platform for conflict management specialists to communicate with each other, DME for Peace allows this professional community to share best practices and insights on how to design, monitor, and evaluate peacebuilding practices around the world.

In preparation for the re-launch of their website, DME for Peace wanted to tell their story in an exciting way to showcase this resource for peacebuilders. Like many narratives, the best way to tell DME for Peace’s story was through a short and engaging animation. As 65% of all people are visual learners, TechChange’s Creative Director, Alon Askarov believes that, to make data intensive information easier for people to digest, we need to communicate these ideas through graphic and data visualizations. The main objective of this animation was to keep it simple and merge it with DME for Peace’s color scheme. Alon’s team spent four weeks to create various assets and animations to create a 1:45 minute video to tell DME for Peace’s story about the great work they are doing.

Watch the video here:

DME for Peace was very impressed by the final product. The peacebuilding community has shared the video widely and DME for Peace currently has more than 4600 registered users in its network. It has been great to see this SFCG’s project take off. Since this project, we have been contacted by other peacebuilding organizations to work on similar projects. We enjoyed our first collaboration with Search for Common Ground on this project and hope to help tell more stories about other projects and organizations doing great work around the world.


Samita Thapa is a Communications Associate at TechChange. Prior to TechChange, she worked at the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants. She was born and raised in Nepal and considers India her second home after spending seven years in boarding school there. Apart from English, Samita speaks fluent Nepali and Hindi and is working on her French. Samita holds a BA in History from Goshen College with a thesis focusing on an international development organization working in Nepal.

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