SEE Change’s video series profiling social entrepreneurs effecting change continues with a visit to ChocoSol Traders, a learning community/social enterprise that makes sustainable, artisanal chocolate using innovative, alternative technologies

Watch. Learn. Enjoy.

Enjoying the Food of the Gods with Slow Food Chocolate-Maker, ChocoSol

On today’s episode we hang out with ChocoSol to talk chocolate and how sustainably sourced ingredients and alternative technologies can have huge impact on your body, the environment and communities around the world

We’re proud to introduce SEE Change Magazine’s Changemakers, a new video series profiling social entrepreneurs effecting change in their communities. These short videos will bring you up-close-and-personal with folks hard at work, giving you new insight and perspective on what it takes to effect change through social enterprise.

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SEE Change Magazine’s Changemakers

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Elisa Birnbaum is the publisher & editor of SEE Change Magazine and the host of SEE Change Magazine’s Changemakers.

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