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SEE Change Magazine is a leading digital publication of social entrepreneurship and social change. Using print and visual mediums, we inform and inspire those who want to see change in the world.



But we’re more than that. As veteran journalists, communicators, copywriters and storytellers, we’ve been talking to social entrepreneurs for years. We understand their needs and challenges in profound ways. We leverage our platforms to connect with them daily. We help them connect with the world and the world connect with them.

Wherever social entrepreneurs are, we’re there too. And here’s how we can help.

Communicate Your Message

Are you a social entrepreneur who struggles to find the time, resources—or the right words—to tell your story?

You’re not alone. It’s a common challenge for many in the sector. Unfortunately, your organization’s narrative—as unique and valuable as it is—is not enough. And the reality is, telling stories is imperative to your impact and your mission.

Stories help define who you are – and who you’re not. Stories clarify your objectives and ensure your messages are delivered with care and precision. Stories keep your staff inspired and on the same page. Stories, when told properly, pique the interest of journalists, bloggers and editors. They help you share ideas, transform opinions and create common understandings and partnerships with which to grow. Stories are one of the more important marketing and promotional tools at your disposal. Effective storytelling can help you rise above the ever-increasing clutter of content, establish a powerful voice and reach the people you need to move forward.

SEE Change Communications creates innovative branded content that helps you engage with your audience, achieve greater impact and tell your story more effectively.

Some of the deliverables we can help you produce include:

  • blogs
  • newsletters
  • websites
  • articles
  • ads
  • brochures
  • speeches
  • presentations
  • social media messaging
  • ghostwriting editorials, books (e-books, traditional books)
  • digital stories
  • video content
  • podcasts
  • customized solutions that meets you unique needs

Let us help you tell your story powerfully and with impact

Compelling Sponsored Content That Speaks To Social Entrepreneurs

We bring years of editorial expertise to every piece we create. We produce innovative and powerful storytelling in all mediums- video, audio and print – that connects brands with social entrepreneurs, authentically and impactfully. We can then harness the power of SEE Change Magazine’s social media networks to spread the word.

Advertise & Promote Your Business

Want to reach our growing audience of social change thought leaders and entrepreneurs? We craft the message and promote your venture in our digital magazine, monthly newsletters and through our social networks.

Storytelling Workshops

Our customized training will help you and your team recognize, craft and tell powerful stories, while sharpening storytelling and presentation skills. It will also enable the team to have a deeper understanding of and appreciation for your organization’s story and how to share it effectively.

With the use of theory and deconstructing examples of successful and less successful storytelling, we will outline the elements of a powerful story.

We’ll explore a range of issues, customized to you and your organization, such as:

  • What makes a good story?
  • What is your story? Finding YOUR story and learning to tell it
  • Knowing your unique selling proposition
  • The hook, the story arc, character development, the use of narrative, story structure
  • The role of insight, its importance
  • How a story becomes sticky and why that’s important
  • Making it about them, not you
  • The importance of engagement, relevance and emotional connection
  • The importance of authenticity
  • How to make facts compelling
  • How to leverage social media
  • How to deliver a strong interview
  • How to pitch your story to media
  • How to use video, digital storytelling and podcasts for greater impact


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