It’s true what they say; new projects are daunting, anxiety-provoking and pull-your-hair-out-exhausting. But here’s another truism: they’re as thrilling as it comes. Each new initiative involves the setting of fresh expectations, self-prescribed milestones and goals. And let’s not forget those dreams. Launching an enterprise is any dreamcatcher’s inspirational fodder.

As founders of Canada’s first publication for and about social enterprise and entrepreneurship, we’re not unlike any other social entrepreneur in that we’re dreaming big. And we hope you are too. Our goal withSEE Change is to inform, educate and inspire. We hope it provides you with a much-needed forum for discourse and a platform from which this emergent movement can soar, achieving the potential we all know it holds. Social entrepreneurship, after all, can effect change in ways we’re only beginning to understand. It can help solve society’s inimitable challenges, while providing alternative ways of conducting business and living our lives.

Please help us ensure this publication meets your goals as well as our own. Write to us with your comments, lend your support, and join us in the pursuit of a dream, one, we believe, is well worth the effort.

Thank you,

Elisa Birnbaum and Nicole Zummach

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