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Lara Galinsky is a senior vice president at Echoing Green, a nonprofit that invests in and mentors social entrepreneurs so they can create high-impact solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. Her career path wasn’t easy and it certainly wasn’t direct. But one thing she has learned over the years, after meeting and getting to know many Echoing Green fellows, is that no one’s career path is a neat, straight line. Yet, they all seem to follow the same twists and turns.


Galinsky shares the formula to finding fulfillment and success through work in her book, Work On Purpose, which she co-wrote with Kelly Nuxoll. All journeys to finding where you belong follow the simple formula: Heart + Head = Hustle. Once you are able to align your heart and head to unleash your hustle you can truly change the world. That’s what happened to the following five changemakers.


Andrew Youn had the heart that strived to help those who are suffering, and the head of a management consultant. He was able to use both of these to create and buildOne Acre Fund, an organization that helps East African farmers grow their way out of hunger. And it’s on its way to becoming a social enterprise the size of a major corporation.


Cheryl Dorsey had the heart to fight against injustice, and the head that excelled at understanding and mobilizing people. This made her a natural fit for the president ofEchoing Green. With the help of her leadership, today Echoing Green has invested $30 million in seed funding and helped almost 500 social entrepreneurs change the world.


Mark Hanis had the heart to eradicate genocide, and the head of a skilled activist who could motivate people to act. Bringing this together allowed him to create theGenocide Intervention Network, the first permanent anti-genocide constituency committed to stopping genocide.


Mardie Oakes had a heart that valued the importance of beautiful things, with the head of an architect, community developer, and financial analyst. She used this combination to build Hello Housing, which turns houses into beautiful affordable homes for people with special needs. She envisions California as a place where all individuals can count on stable, high quality and inspiring housing choices, and she’s well on her way to making that vision materialize.


Socheata Poeuv had the heart to preserve people’s lives and memories through storytelling, and the head of an exceptional producer and journalist. Both of these allowed her to share her family’s story about surviving the genocide at the hands of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia through the documentary New Year Baby. It is the first documentary directed by a Cambodian-American woman about her family’s survival; she hopes to share this story with 100 million people in 10 years.


Work on Purpose is more than just an inspiring book chronicling the career path of changemakers who set out to change the world for the better. It is a workbook that pushes you to explore and evaluate your own career path. These stories are just examples that show you that you can achieve the same thing.


We often get caught up in the stories of people who just seem to know what they want to do and do it right from the start. But Work on Purpose reminds us that it’s the exception not the rule. The rule is that along your journey you will inevitably have periods of time where you are out of whack. Times where you don’t understand why you are doing what you are doing and you will feel lost.


You can bring back a sense of balance by listening to your heart, using your head, and allowing it to fuel you to do something great. Work on Purpose will help you discover who you are and where you are meant to be. For anyone who is looking to bring purpose into, and get fulfillment from their work, this is a must-read.


Stacy McCoy is the co-founder and CEO of Give To Get Jobs: For-profit jobs that give back. She strongly believes and is committed to proving to people that you can have a job you love with a steady and stable paycheck that also makes the world a better place. She refuses to settle for anything less!

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