After surviving a near-death experience, Jen Perry decided she wanted to do more with her life. A lot more. So in 2014, she founded a social enterprise that sells a practical product, tackles plastic waste and provides opportunities to uplift women and communities. And that’s just the beginning.

On today’s podcast we speak with Jen Perry, the founder of Jelt, a social enterprise that produces retro-inspired belts made from recycled plastic bottles. Beyond its environmental mission, the business is dedicated to empowering women and supporting local too.

To read Jen’s firsthand article on Jelt Belt and its mission, click here

In our conversation, Jen shares how they hire women sewers living on rural Montana ranches, as well as inmates engaged in the Montana Correctional Enterprise (MCE) Program with a mission of breaking the cycle of incarceration. She discusses the challenges of inventory management, the successes that inspire her each day, and implores every wanna-be social entrepreneur to take that leap and embrace the opportunities while you still can.

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