For many artists living with disabilities or homelessness, their artwork remains invisible, their talents unseen, their passion invalidated. But for one young social entrepreneur that reality was unacceptable –  and she was determined to change it.



On today’s episode we speak with Liz Powers, co-founder of ArtLifting, a social enterprise that empowers artists living with homelessness or disabilities through the celebration and sale of their artwork. The enterprise adopts different business models for their purpose, including licensing and corporate partnerships with companies like Starbucks and Google. They’ve even teamed up with Quincy Jones through a partnership with ThinOPTICS, a pioneering eyewear company.


In our short interview, Liz explains why she and her brother launched such an innovative business that sees art as a transformational path to financial stability, their impact so far, and how she’s creating opportunity, empowerment, and validation for these otherwise invisible artists.


Listen. Enjoy. Share.


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