If you thought homelessness was a crisis in need of attention a few months ago, it has only worsened since COVID-19.

Services and amenities that people experiencing homeless depend on – like public washrooms, coffee shops and libraries – have been cut or shuttered completely. And, with constant calls for hand washing and social distancing, shelters are feeling increasingly unsafe for many.



On today’s podcast we speak with Cari Kozierok of Ve’ahavta, a Toronto-based organization dedicated to transforming the lives of people experiencing poverty and homelessness.

In our conversation Cari explains how COVID has intensified the homelessness crisis in Toronto, much like it has in other cities around the world. She shares her opinion on the City of Toronto’s efforts to help (in light of a recent lawsuit brought by some organizations who feel the City acted too slowly) and how her organization is continuing to provide food, supplies and support to those who need it most.



Listen to Cari’s story  – and the story of this vulnerable population – below.

Learn. Enjoy. Share.

To help the Ve’ahavta team provide supplies and support to people living on the streets or who are marginally housed during COVID-19, click here


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