SEE Change Magazine is working on an exciting new project and we’d love your input.

We’re profiling 10 social change movements and/or events in Canadian history (with a focus on the 20th century) that have impacted the country and helped define who we are as Canadians today. With so many important events/movements over the years, narrowing it down to just 10 is no easy feat.

So here’s where you come in

What social change movements/events do you feel must be included in our list? Which ones are most significant to you as a Canadian? Let us know! Send your ideas to: with the words “History of Social Change” in the subject line.

Some ideas we’ve gathered so far include:

  • Women’s right to vote/suffragette movement
  • Cooperative Movement
  • Charter of Rights/codification of Human Rights
  • Labour movement
  • Dismantling of/Africville
  • Truth and Reconciliation

Stay tuned

A special SEE Change micro-site dedicated specifically to this project will be up soon where you’ll have the opportunity to read stories, view and listen to multimedia content and contribute your own stories, ideas and comments. But for now, if you’re Canadian, we want to hear from you! What social change events define your Canada? Tell us at: and you can help us shape this important project.



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