When it comes to animal welfare in Canada, one animal law group stands out as the ultimate advocate. Whether strengthening animal protection legislation, prosecuting animal abusers, or representing the voiceless in court, Animal Justice is spearheading social change.

What are the issues at the heart of their advocacy? How are they leading the legal fight for animals?  We speak with their fearless leader Camille Labchuk next.



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Whether animals are used for food, fashion, experiments, entertainment, or in the pet trade, Animal Justice lawyers fight for the legal protections that these animals need and deserve. I recently caught up with executive director Camille Labchuk in advance of the Canadian Animal Law Conference which Animal Justice was organizing.

We chatted about the significant issues at the forefront of their work including protecting animals in zoos and farms, the Jane Goodall Act designed to help animals in captivity and Ag Gag laws – which effectively seek to silence animal advocates. Camille shared exciting legal advancements, ongoing challenges and what gives her hope for the future of animals in Canada. Listen to our conversation to learn why Camille believes that improving the rights and protection of animals is one of the new social justice challenges of our time.

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