According to studies, women-led startups receive less than three percent of all venture capital funding. Marissa Bronfman wants to change that. After a decade building startups, Marissa has taken a seat at the other side of the table as an impact investor – and she’s on an impassioned mission to democratize the space.


Welcome to In the Business of Change, where we speak with social entrepreneurs impacting their communities and the world.  I’m your host Elisa Birnbaum publisher and editor in chief of SEE Change Magazine.

On today’s episode we speak with Marissa Bronfman, Chief Brand Officer at Kizmet Impact Capital, a new impact investing initiative focused on building a portfolio of purpose-driven companies and expected to be one of the world’s first publicly traded impact investment funds, allowing individual investors to participate in their portfolio’s growth.

In our conversation Marissa looks back on her years as an impact entrepreneur and explains how, and why, she made the leap to impact investor. We discuss the specific challenges facing women entrepreneurs and the need for change. Marissa then shares the lessons she’s learned from working in the space and why she’s so excited to support impact entrepreneurs – especially women – gain funding and traction.

Listen. Learn. Enjoy. Share.

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