Studies show that fishing nets make up 10% of the plastic pollution in the ocean, causing irreparable harm to marine life and the environment as a whole. But one company has found a creative way to tackle that issue –  and they’re just getting started.

On this episode of In the Business of Change, we speak with David Stover, co-founder of Bureo a company that makes skateboards and other products from discarded fishing nets. Listen to the podcast to hear about the founders’ journey to save the oceans from plastic waste and how they zeroed in on fishing nets and skateboards. Learn about the impact they’ve had so far with Net Positiva, their recycling program in Chile (over 80,000KG of waste already diverted from the oceans). And hear about the exciting new based products and **partnerships with companies like Jenga and Patagonia that will help Bureo keep plastics out of our oceans.

**After the podcast was recorded Bureo announced another partnership  –  teaming up with Jack Johnson to make the first Frisbee from recycled fishing nets.

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