What happens when the private sector invests in social services? That’s the question behind a new documentary The Invisible Heart – making its world premiere January 22 on TVOntario. The film takes a deep dive into social impact bonds (SIB) – a relatively recent investment product that relies on private capital to solve society’s complex challenges, such as healthcare, recidivism and homelessness. But is it working?

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On today’s episode we speak with producer and director of The Invisible Heart, Nadine Pequeneza. In our fascinating discussion she explains why she became interested in social impact bonds and where and how they’re being used today. We then discuss the many challenges with SIBS and why that led her to ultimately question the efficacy of the model and its application.

Listen to our podcast and check out The Invisible Heart premiere at TVOntario on Jan 22, after which you can also watch it online. Keep checking The Invisible Heart website for future screenings.

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