The inspiration behind a social enterprise can come from the most unlikely places. For one UK-based entrepreneur, the desire to save 10 tonnes of decommissioned fire hoses from the landfill each year prompted her activism.




But that was just the beginning.


On this episode of In the Business of Change, we speak with Kresse Wesling, co-founder of Elvis & Kresse a company that re-imagines and recycles raw material waste into belts, bags, rugs, notebooks and other products. Elvis & Kresse then re-distributes up to 50 percent of profits to projects and charities related to the unique materials they reclaim. After successfully saving London’s hoses each year, the duo set their vision on solving an issue 80 times greater – saving 800,00 tonnes of leather from landfills.



In this interview Kresse shares what brought her to fire hoses, her cautious approach to scale, a commitment to slow fashion and the new focus on leather. Of note, after the podcast was taped, Elvis & Kresse announced a 5-year partnership with the Burberry Foundation to help them meet their newfound mission.


Listen, learn, enjoy, share.


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