In Haiti, a country of just over 9 million people, 75 percent of the population lack access to safe sanitation (only one in five has access to a sanitary toilet). With the high level of environmental degradation and poverty, it’s no surprise the country’s residents face serious health problems and that waterborne illness is one of the leading causes of infant mortality.





But one organization is providing safe, dignified and affordable sanitation services to resource-poor urban communities.


On this episode of In the Business of Change podcast, we speak with Sasha Kramer, co-founder and executive director of SOIL (Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods), an organization that produces specialized toilets and transforms household waste into organic compost.


In this compelling interview, Sasha explains how a focus on innovation, local sourcing and resources, as well as smart partnerships, are all helping SOIL find success in a country that’s witnessed way too many organizations struggle and billions of dollars spent on failed projects.



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