It all began at the height of the Syrian refugee crisis in 2015. Two women found themselves at a loss on how to support families whose needs were overwhelming and constantly changing, and it was growing ever-difficult to keep track of it all. It was obvious that the traditional humanitarian aid model wasn’t working.

So, leveraging the model of a wedding registry, the two found a new way to effectively and efficiently communicate needs in real-time. And NeedsList was born.



On today’s episode we speak with Natasha Freidus of NeedsList, an organization that provides human-centered solutions for communities displaced by climate change, conflict, and poverty worldwide. In our conversation, Natasha discusses the impact of their “wedding registry for humanitarian aid” and why she felt the need to develop a new online platform that matches urgent needs with offers in real-time. She then shares how the new tools are helping get needs on the ground met more quickly and efficiently toward better outcomes. In fact, since launching, NeedsList software has been deployed in over 20 countries worldwide, directing over $2 million in resources to local communities.

Listen to her story. Enjoy. Share.


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