Through training in the culinary arts, one entrepreneur is on a mission to transform the face of re-entry in the U.S. His Cleveland-based social enterprise is equipping formerly incarcerated people with the skills, experience and second chances they need to change the direction of their lives.



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On today’s episode of In the Business of Change, we speak with Brandon Edwin Chrostowski who founded EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant Institute with the belief that every human being regardless of their past has the right to a fair and equal future. Besides training in the culinary arts and hospitality industry, EDWINS also gives students free housing, basic medical care, literacy programs, help with finding employment and much more.

With 97% employment rate after graduation and 1% recidivism, EDWINS is a true success story, for which Chrostowski has received numerous accolades, including the 2016 CNN Hero award. In our conversation, he speaks about the second chance he got that inspired EDWINS, its diverse programs, their impact, what he’s up to next, and the buzz around the recent Oscar-nominated documentary Knife Skills that profiles his work and the passion it entails

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