With the many challenges we face – climate change, food security, the housing crisis, poverty, to name a few – social finance has established itself an important tool in the impact toolbox. With the recent launch of the Social Finance Fund, we thought it was time to take a deeper look at the social finance landscape in Canada.

Luckily, I’m joined by someone who knows it well: impact investing connoisseur Adam Spence is my guest – next.


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Adam Spence believes all investments should be impact investments


Welcome to In the Business of Change, where we speak with social entrepreneurs impacting their communities and the world.  I’m your host Elisa Birnbaum publisher and editor in chief of SEE Change Magazine.

On today’s episode we speak with Adam Spence, CEO, Co-Founder and Director of Social Venture Connexion (SVX) a financial services firm that drives impact for ventures, funds, organizations and investors. In our conversation Adam discusses the “why” and evolution of SVX, its expansive suite of services, and its enduring impact. We then explore the social finance landscape in Canada, its strengths and challenges, before turning our attention to the recently launched Social Finance Fund, highlighting its importance to the sector and the hope it offers to many working in it.

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