One third of the world’s food ends up in a landfill. In other words, 1.3 billion tons of food wasted every year, which also leads to a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions. But one social entrepreneur is determined to tackle the issue of food waste and reduce that environmental impact by tapping into the conscious consumer’s love for a good deal.



On today’s podcast we speak with Josh Domingues founder and CEO of Flashfood a company putting a dent into food waste through two innovations. One is an app that allows grocery stores to sell high quality, surplus food approaching their best before date at steep discounts. The other is the Flashfoodbox made up of ugly produce – nearly 25 million pounds of which are thrown out each year by grocers who refuse to put them on their shelves – but which can happily feed a savvy consumer.


In our conversation Domingues shares how Flashfood began, its vision, the challenges it faces and how the enterprise has already diverted over 15,000 meals from the landfill with the help of a growing community of savvy and conscious shoppers determined to use their buying power for good.


Listen to his story here


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