By now we’re all aware of the damage being done to our planet due to the high rate of plastic waste. Recent studies suggest that over eight million tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans and that we’re producing nearly 300 million tons of plastic every year, half of which for single use.

But one company is addressing that issue, hoping to render single use plastic bottles a thing of the past.

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On this episode of our podcast we speak with Rena Nickerson, the Canadian manager of SodaStream, a company with a unique history and mission. Its sparking water makers not only offer consumers with a healthier alternative to sugary carbonated drinks, they’re also helping in the fight against plastic.

Rena chats about the company’s sustainability initiatives which are finding tremendous support worldwide – especially this holiday season –  with the help of such eco-heroes as Rod Stewart and the Mountain. One SodaStream bottle can reduce over 2000 disposable bottles from the planet, she explains.

We also talk about how the company’s values and leadership influence its vision and ultimate success. Finally, Rena shares how the company’s inclusive and diverse workforce – over 1800 employees from all different backgrounds work together on their “island of peace” in a small town in Israel – is a testament to the possibilities of peaceful coexistence in the region and the world.

Watch their Holiday Hero ad and check out their special Fight Plastic website for more information on their sustainability initiatives.

Listen to the SodaStream story on our podcast

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