Like many other rural or remote communities in Canada, homelessness is somewhat invisible in Lanark County situated in the Canadian province of Ontario. But make no mistake, it’s a problem for many here, especially the youth. Finding affordable housing for young people has always been a challenge, But one organization is trying to tackle that problem with an innovative solution, hoping to prove that a small size can have huge impact.



On today’s podcast episode we speak with Terrilee Kelford, board chair of Cornerstone Landing, a non-profit that provides assistance for homeless youth. She talks about the relentless issue of homelessness in her county and the difficulties in tackling it, which inspired the organization’s latest project – the building of Tiny Homes. An innovative solution to providing safe, affordable housing for the youth and others in the community, the project has its own challenges which Terrilee shares.

But that’s not stopping her team from building small and dreaming big. Listen to her story below in our podcast.

And for those looking to learn more about Tiny Homes and to support the work of Cornerstone Landing, please check out their website: and Kerrilee’s Facebook page for regular updates on the project.


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