ReflectUS is a nonpartisan coalition in the US made up of leading women’s organizations working to increase the number of women in office. At the heart of their efforts is the belief that government should reflect the people it governs and that balanced representation is essential to a healthy democracy. What inspired their work? What impact have they had so far?

We speak with their CEO next…


Welcome to In the Business of Change, where we speak with social entrepreneurs and other changemakers impacting their communities and the world.  I’m your host Elisa Birnbaum publisher and editor in chief of SEE Change Magazine.

On today’s podcast, we speak with Tiffany Gardner, CEO of ReflectUS. In our conversation we discuss the coalition’s efforts to get more women into leadership roles and why the pandemic and the struggle for racial justice in America has made this work especially important today. Tiffany then shares the challenges of working with a coalition of differing voices and the powerful ways they have found to come together toward a unified vision for the future.

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