With 1.3 billion trips taken by people around the world last year alone, it’s not surprising to hear increased calls for responsible travel, for being mindful of the footprint we leave behind. But one social enterprise is going a step further by supporting local projects in the places they visit, encouraging a meaningful cultural exchange and ensuring tourism dollars are reinvested by communities to promote self-reliance and sustainability.



On today’s podcast episode we speak with Adrienne Lee, director of development at the Planeterra Foundation. Established in 2003 by Bruce Poon Tip, founder of adventure travel company G Adventures, Planeterra supports social enterprises and other projects in the places they travel to, to help empower communities and conserve their culture.

You can read about their projects in Belize in this piece written last year by SEE Change editor & publisher Elisa Birnbaum.

In our conversation, Adrienne explains how Planeterra’s unique model and projects are providing women and other underserved people with multiple opportunities to directly benefit from the tourism value chain and its ever-growing industry.


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