According to the stats, you need around $30,000 to start a business in the U.S. Problem is, the average African American boasts a net worth of $11,000 and can seldom turn to family and friends, a common funding source when starting a business. But one social entrepreneur was determined to bridge that financial gap, to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to get their business off the ground.


On today’s Podcast we speak with the founder of the Runway Project Jessica Norwood. In our enlightening conversation, one aligned with Black History Month, Jessica shares the history of the racial wealth gap and explains why she became so passionate about helping African American entrepreneurs secure  “friends and family” funding. Though her business is still young, Jessica is already proving that the seminal funding is essential to helping black businesses find their runway to wealth creation.

Find out more about the Runway Project here:

Listen to Jessica’s story below.

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