In recent years, over 65 million people worldwide have had to flee their homes due to conflict or natural disaster, leading to a refugee crisis of significant proportion and impact. What’s more, in the UK, 50 percent of the 125,000 refugees are unemployed, in part, due to the language barrier. But one London-based social entrepreneur is trying to tackle that reality through the universal love of food and a home-cooked meal.


On today’s podcast episode we speak with Jess Thompson, founder of Migrateful, a social enterprise that trains refugees on how to teach their traditional cuisine through cooking classes – and teaches them English too. In our conversation Thompson explains the challenges facing refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in the UK and how that situation inspired her mission. She then shares how these cooking classes are enabling them to overcome some of these barriers and help bridge the gap among communities.

Listen to the podcast to hear her story.


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