The eco-conscious movement recently entered the workplace. Business owners place electric vehicle charging ports in company lots, LED lights in offices, compost bins on their properties and more. They continue to take sustainable workplace measures because of the employee benefits.

Employees’ wellbeing, sense of fulfillment, success and co-worker connections improve when businesses adopt sustainability practices. The environmental and employee value generated through eco-friendly measures create comfort, safety and happiness in the office. Over time, enhanced worker morale improves the financial and reputable success of a company. Here’s how.




Employees have higher happiness and productivity rates when employers honor their health and wellbeing. Utilizing natural lighting in the office benefits the environment and workers’ morale. Opening the blinds throughout the day and turning off the lights reduces a company’s energy use between 50% and 70% annually.

Natural lighting also increases employees’ vitamin D absorption. It promotes bone growth and prevents cancer, depressions, weight gain and heart disease. Psychiatrists link 30 minutes of daily sunlight exposure with enhanced moods, and happier employees contribute to increased overall workplace morale.

Business owners may additionally enhance the sustainability of their workplace when adopting renewable energy systems. Clean energy-powered heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC) reduce greenhouse gas emissions and localized air pollution. Geothermal heating and cooling systems improve workplace air quality.

Clean air contributes to worker health and productivity improvements. It may lower health insurance rates, saving the business owner money over time. Enhanced water quality also promotes employee health and wellbeing.

Companies can install a rainwater harvesting system on their property to limit ecologically harmful runoff and clean water exploitation. They may connect the system to a water purification device, accessing sustainable drinking water. Enhancing the eco-consciousness and quality of office water shows employees you care about their wellbeing.

Many workers care about their carbon footprint size and hope their employers share similar values. If they spend much time at home reducing their environmental impact only to expand it at work, they may feel defeated. Business owners can honor sustainable efforts, introducing plants in the office.

Indoor plants can offset localized emissions and filter harmful toxins. Greenery also promotes happiness and reduces stress. Enhancing the natural aesthetic of an office soothes individuals’ anxiety and increases productivity.


Employees feel fulfilled in value-driven careers. Nearly 90% of organizations with a defined purpose, resonating with employee values, saw growth and profits surpass their competitors. Additionally, 60% of employees feel motivated and passionate about their work when the purpose aligns with their values.

Businesses that hold high sustainability standards enhance their workers’ fulfillment. Employees feel validated and understood when their passion and work align.

Company success

Increasing the sustainability of a company improves its profitability too. And, when the business advances, employees experience a heightened sense of accomplishment.

Millennials and Generation Z make up the largest customer base. They also happen to demonstrate tremendous support for sustainable companies over their competitors. They are willing to pay more for consciously produced goods than less expensive environmentally degrading products. Employees are more likely to stay with a company that moves with the times and follows a growth pattern.

Co-Worker connections

When your co-workers share similar values, it opens the door for authentic connections. In full-time positions, some employees spend more time with their co-workers than any other social group. Good in-office relationships can significantly increase workplace morale.

Co-workers who hold positive relationships feel excited and motivated at work. Their positive emotions result in higher productivity and motivation. Companies that take sustainable workplace measures attract like-minded workers who benefit from in-office connections.

Where to begin

Business owners can begin improving morale by setting high sustainability expectations. Turning off the light for a half-hour daily and improving your recycling system’s accessibility are beneficial first steps. Over time, you can incorporate more significant energy conservation efforts, like solar panel installation.

Sustainability begins with a conversation, so eco-conscious training and newsletters are essential. Ensure all employees understand the environmental and health benefits of the actions. Let them know their safety, wellbeing and comfort come first.

Founder and editor-in-chief of Jane Marsh is passionate about helping people reduce their carbon footprint and live a greener lifestyle.




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