It’s often been said that society’s most intractable problems require innovative and audacious solutions. Most recently, we’ve witnessed the growth of impact investing, for example, investment made into companies, organizations, and funds with the intention of generating social and environmental impact along with a financial return. In fact, when it comes to transforming the lives of the word’s most vulnerable people, there’s a new kid on the Canadian block that uses impact investing as its tool of choice.



On today’s episode we speak with David O’Leary, managing director at Origin Capital. A division of World Vision Canada, Origin Capital offers a suite of high-impact investment products that allow Canadians to grow their wealth while fighting global inequality. In our conversation, David explains why Origin Capital was founded and its unique approach to transformational change. We also talk generally about the growth of impact investing while David addresses some of the misconceptions in the sector, infusing it with a welcome dose of reality.

Want to learn more about those misconceptions? Read David’s guest Op-Ed at SEE Change

Listen to the story of Origin Capital below.

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