It all began when Chris Magwood built the first permitted straw bale house in Ontario, Canada. He was hooked. Two decades later and Chris is one of the foremost builders, educators, researchers and advocates of sustainable construction in the country.



Along the way, however, Chris ran into what he calls “the carbon elephant in the room”, embodied carbon, which measures the total greenhouse gas emissions from harvesting, transporting and manufacturing building materials. People have become so focused on making buildings more energy efficient they forget to measure the impact of building materials, which by some estimates account for 11% of global emissions. But Chris Magwood is determined to change that reality as he continues to build better buildings for everyone.

On this podcast episode, Chris Magwood, co-founder and director of the Endeavour Centre chats about the evolution of sustainable design and how issues like embodied carbon has inspired a bit of a rethink in approach. Chris also shares his passion for exploring new materials, techniques and innovative systems toward making the best buildings possible.

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