Shelly Tygielski is a mindfulness teacher and community organizer based in South Florida who dedicates much of her time to helping communities affected by gun violence and mass shootings. Then came COVID-19.


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Shelly Tygielski created Pandemic of Love to help those struggling due to COVID-19


Determined to help, Shelly launched Pandemic of Love a “mutual aid community of care” which matches people in need with donors willing to help. Having inspired over 100,000 matches and 500 volunteers so far, Shelly is proving kindness is as infectious as the pandemic itself.

On this podcast episode we speak with Shelly about what inspired her contagious initiative, how and why it’s grown so quickly to communities around the world. We discuss the celebrities who’ve joined the cause and what Pandemic of Love can teach all of us about the power of community, caring and one person’s ability to effect change.

Listen to Shelly’s story below. Enjoy. Share. And if you want to help or if you need help, please connect with Pandemic of Love to find out more.


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